About us - One App System

What is "ONE APP"

It is a technology company registered in the United Kingdom. We are determined to develop an application that can provide merchants with more convenient prompt information and customer relationship management.


✡ provides SSL HTTPS security mechanism, customer access more secure;

✡ CDN Global Node makes the APP the fastest;

✡ Supports top-level business domain name, business Email, class unlimited custom business Email address, and unified receive an Email address management;

✡ Easy to maintain and responsive website framework. Can maintain your business without professional IT support;

✡ Online article management, unlimited publishing, editing, and support for new media such as GIF pictures and YouTube videos;

✡ Share websites, share articles, share bookings to clients, share online questionnaire forms, everything becomes easy;

✡ Online reservation system, booking APP notification, 2 hours before the start of APP notification, unlimited seats;

✡ Flexible customization of online questionnaires and forms, create your own online form in a few minutes, easily share or insert into the website, customer form delivery APP prompts, etc.

✡ Online customer service with your proprietary APP. Communicate with customers in APP;

✡ Customer praise system, background management praise, inserted into your website, the accumulation of business brand reputation;

✡ Customers subscribe to APP, you always send news, offers, and articles to the customer's mobile phone;

✡ Online mall, support Paypal, credit card payment; Suitable for overseas delivery method, according to the weight of the product, delivery distance calculation freight mode; Vouchers; Full-court concessions, individual commodity concessions, etc.

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